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Customers are demanding increasingly higher levels of online shopping service and convenience, detailed product information, easier search capabilities and a consistent shopping experience across all channels. This, in turn, is pressuring retailers to find new ways to streamline their business operations and reduce expenses

Retailers can meet these challenges by integrating their e-commerce storefront with Dynamics AX and can reap the benefits of increased revenue, reduced operations costs and a competitive advantage. Integrating your e-commerce storefront with Microsoft Dynamics AX will eradicate repetitive employee data entry, remove the risk of errors and significantly decrease order fulfillment times.


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We have addressed this need by connecting Magento – the leading open-source e-commerce cart – with Microsoft Dynamics AX, thereby allowing the two to communicate seamlessly in real-time mode. Integrating Magento with Dynamics AX greatly reduces the need for manual data exchange between systems and allows the business to enjoy increased sales via their e-commerce store. Our solution can further be extended to other channels using a host of connectors offered by i95Dev to integrate Magento with systems like online marketplaces (eBay/ Amazon) and others. The integration promises to offer you the following features:


Integrating Microsoft dynamics AX and Magento allows you to automate the entire process making it possible to access the information in either system, which allows for easy pricing, order fulfillment, returns, and back-order processing and sales quotes.



Automates the sync of product information between the systems. Information such as product name and description, SKU, prices and images is entered and updated in both systems, allowing you to save time and money.



Automates all inventory information including price, cost, and weight in both systems, ensuring you have robust and accurate information available and increases customer satisfaction.


Order Processing

Eliminates manual order entry, streamlines order processing and updates customers about their order status (improving customer experience) by eliminating operational inefficiencies from the existing process.


  • 360 degree view for your business
  • Real time integration
  • Improved customer service levels
  • Improves data quality
  • Reduced labor, operations and coordinated cost
  • Improved B2B traffic
  • Streamlined business process
  • Expedite ROI
  • Improves Customer Loyalty


Sales Person


Our sales person module allows you to assign a specific sales person to each customer or group of customers to provide the best customer service.

  • Sales reps receive instant notification when a new customer registers on the site
  • Allow sales reps to access customer information, place orders for customers or save the shopping cart for customer review
  • Easily access transaction history, order status, custom pricing levels and billing and shipping information to provide a high level of customer service
  • Restrict sales reps to view and edit only their assigned customers or give access to all customers

Credit limit


Our credit limits module allows you to set individual credit limits for each of your customers.

  • Define the maximum amount of receivables that can be delivered to each customer
  • Prevents customers from spending beyond their credit limits
  • Use credit limits for both online Magento stores and offline ERPs
  • Keep your customers constantly notified of remaining credit available so they always know how much they have to spend
  • Offer unlimited credit limits to specific customers
  • Configure automatic mail alerts to customers who have not made a payment

Sales Quote Module


Our sales quote module is a complete quotation tool that allows you to create and manage customer quotations or RFQs for new and existing customer’s right from the store.

  • Real-time access to products, pricing and stock information during quote preparation
  • Save, edit and email quotes at any time
  • Add a quote feature allows customers to create quotes by adding products or entire shopping carts to an existing RFQ
  • Create custom RFQ messages, such as “RFQ was submitted successfully” or “RFQ was completed successfully”
  • Easily create orders from accepted quotes